Thursday, September 13, 2007

A gift... in more ways than one

I got a package in the mail today.... it was from my best friend, Shelley. It's a book I have been wanting to read titled, "Waiting With Gabriel." It is the story of a couple who lost their baby. I haven't started reading it yet, but I can't wait TO start!

This book is more special to me than any other book, even without cracking it open, because it is a gift from the heart of a friend who truly understands me. A friend who took time out of her own busy life to find a book that she knew I wanted to read. A book that I am pretty sure she knows in her heart is going to help me along my grief journey. A friend who allows me to talk about Lilly, without making me feel like I am dragging it on way too long. She accepts Lilly as a real person... as a part of my life that was lost... as my daughter. Because of all of this... this book will forever be a most prized possession... even if I never get a chance to read it. The note she sent with it reads: Jolene, I hope this is what you need! How sweet is that? See? She's awesome!!

I love her. I am SO thankful for her friendship.


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Ter said...

I'm glad you have a friend like that. We ALL need friends like that.

The book is VERY good. I read it in less than one day with tons of interuptions as we had just gotten our pup and then roughly the same day I get a notice that the book is waiting for me at the library. I do think I might add it to my collection someday though, then I can lend it out or read it again. :)

Let me know what you think of the book. I'm pretty sure you're going to LOVE it and oh yes, plenty of tears too!