Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things that bug me...

GAH! I get so TIRED of some people! I decided that maybe if I make a list of things that bug me it will get it off my mind!

Ok... here's the list -- please note this is written as it comes to mind... not in any particular order of what's MORE annoying:

- people who don't hold doors for other people when entering/ exiting a building
- people who don't put their children in car seats
- ppl who don't discipline their children
- ppl who thinks it's cute for their 2/3 year old to repeat swear words
- ppl who cut in line
- ppl who are in public service (ie, waiters, cashiers, etc) who have NO personality!
- ppl who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom (EEWWW!!!) (and even "eewier" I was waiting outside the bathroom in the courthouse and a LAWYER came out and hadn't washed his hands (I could hear through the door) AND he had peed on the seat!!! Apparently you don't have to have good hygeine to be a lawyer!
- ppl who steal shit off my Daddy's grave! (Or any grave)
- ppl who wait until the VERY LAST second to MERGE even though there have been signs for MILES telling you the lane is ending! Come ON people!
- coaches who don't come to their own games and don't call to tell their players that a DIFFERENT coach is going to be there! (yeah.. Blake's soccer coach is on my nerves!)
- parents who REFUSE to listen when teachers/ doctors tell them there is something not quite right with their child and the child needs special services (speech, PT, OT, etc)
- parents who think I am stupid! Who call and tell me shit that I KNOW isn't true! (mostly because their story changes 3 times during the 15 minutes I am talking to them!)
- ppl who abuse children
- ppl who abuse animals
- parents who don't teach their children to do things for themselves (I have a 3.7 year old child in my classroom who can't even DRESS himself! HELLO??!!)
- ppl who pretend to be your friend and then dump you as soon as they get a man/ woman
- ppl who lie
- parents who send their sick children to school
- arrogant ppl
- stupid, drunk college students
- destructive kids (high school kids mostly around here!)



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