Friday, September 28, 2007

An unexpected gift...

Ok... so while I was at work today I noticed a yellow envelope on my desk. Written on it were the words "Open at break time". So when I finally went on my break, I opened it.

Before I continue let me give you a brief history... my assistant has been gone since the 3rd day of school (today was day 12) and I have had a substitute in my room. I have worked with this person before and she is a real joy to be around. She is a true Christian and very giving soul. She also never hesitates to tell me what a wonderful teacher I am so that helps :)

Ok... back to the story at hand. I opened the envelope while on my break and it was the nicest card from the sub. She had made it on her computer and it had a very nice verse about how God will take care of you. She wrote a little note in it too that she was hoping I would take her gift as a sign from God that He will take care of me and that everything will be OK. She also told me to listen to Blake because he told me this week that God is his Hero :)

Also in the card was $50!!! I had told her about how I was concerned that I wasn't going to be able to visit my mom (did I post the traumatic event of the week? If not, I'll post that next.) so she gave me the $$ for gas to come see my mom! I tried to give it back to her and she wouldn't take it. She said it was a gift and that she loved me and I deserved it. How sweet is that?

Man I am so blessed to have such WONDERFUL people in my life!


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