Thursday, September 27, 2007

A wise woman once said....

... take what your boss says, chew it up, swallow what you can use and spit out the rest. This is what one of my past supervisors told me years ago. Somehow my psyche (or my God) pulled it up again today.

So I decided that my supervisor can go take a flying (insert expletive here). But don't tell HER I said that or I'll probably get fired for insubordination. Whatever.

This will be my ELEVENTH year teaching pre-school. I have a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education. I KNOW what I am doing. I have never lost, hurt or killed a student (or any child for that matter). Last year I had SIX children age 4 leave my classroom for summer READING! They were reading, and writing 3 letter words! I didn't drill them. I didn't flash card them to death. I used a phonics program that is the KING of phonics programs in my book --- Zoophonics! My students LOVED it! They drank it right up! My assistant teacher and I made all kinds of extras to go along with the program using the CD that came with the kit we purchased.

I have had children begin the year not knowing how to sit at a table to eat because they don't DO that at home. I have had children who have no clue, at age 3, what a spoon, bowl or cup are. I have had children who's ONLY hugs come from the staff in my room. I have had children who don't eat on the weekends and come to school Monday morning STARVING -- for both food and love.

These children leave my classroom having learned how to not only sit at the table.. but to serve themselves and pass the food; knowing what VARIOUS items are; and who know that in EVERY classroom they go in to they will find someone who loves them.

So she can come to my room and she can pick apart everything that I am doing (apparently telling the kids several times on day one of week THREE of the school year that they need to SIT at group is TOO MUCH. I have no idea how she THINKS they are going to learn the rules of school... but she must think it's going to be through osmosis.) and she can tell me whatever she wants to tell me. And I am going to let it go in one ear and out the other.

I have NEVER in my ELEVEN years of teaching been questioned about what I am doing. I am not doing anything differntly this year than I have in years past... except that I am working ALONE because my assistant teacher in on medical leave. How is it that I have done such a GREAT job for 10 years and now suddenly... one MONTH into a new school year... I SUCK?

Then I recalled something I heard in a conference in years past... if you are in a job that you dislike YOU have to do something. You have to decide if you want to find a new job, or if you want to make the best of the job you have.

So I decided that I am going to do my best to make the best of this job for the time I have left with it. Which at the very latest will be June. Unless something happens and this supervisor doesn't come back (or if my fantasy is fulfilled and she gets FIRED!).

Starting today I am going to not let her get to me... I am going to take anything she says critical about my classroom or how I am doing things with a grain of salt... I am not going to offer her any information that isn't absolutely necessary for her to know... and I am going to have a more positive attitude.

Let's hope for the best!


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Ter said...

It's really sad that those kids come to you knowing so little at their ages. I don't understand how you can be there for so long and suddenly everything you're doing wrong. Does that mean you've been doing things wrong all along? No. Just remember that this is one person's opinion and I'm sure your pasat supervisors and your co-workers will all vouch for you should anything happen.