Friday, October 5, 2007

Another week goes by...

and I'm still working in the same hell as last week. UGH!

I am SO thankful it is Friday!

The weekend is here! I'm getting my hair cut.... going to visit one of my best friends who is feeling ill.... attending a "building your marriage" seminar at church... and maybe even working on some Christmas gifts.

I am also hoping that we'll get rid of our old dining room table and be able to bring the new old one in. My mom gave us her old table and it's an antique. It used to be painted all sorts of colors... my dad stripped it and refinished it and it's gorgeous! I remember it being red when I was a kid. LOL :) Now it's a beautiful oak table! Well.. I guess it has *always* been oak... but now it's not covered in 10 layers of paint :)

Not really much else to report. Sure you're getting sick of hearing about how much my job sucks.


1 comment:

Ter said...

You'll have to take a picture of the table for us to see. Do you have a "before" pic too?