Saturday, October 27, 2007

Family Fun Day

Today we went to the local college... they had a "Make a Difference Day". This is something they do every year. There are free books, balloon animals, face painting, make and take crafts, Clifford, therapy dogs for kids to read to, various entertainment (today was a Native American Story Teller) and food. We went last year and Blake had a blast. So we went again this year. Blake got to meet Reese Haller, an 11 year old author who published his first book Fred the Mouse at age 8. Blake also took a writer's workshop from Reese today and had a great time.

Then we came home and carved pumpkins. Oh we did some housecleaning before the carving too.

Blake carving his 1st pumpkin.

The final project.

Lilly's pumpkin. The sides and back have hearts that we each carved, too. That orange thingy at the bottom of the pumpkin is actually the light :)

Blake's 2nd pumpkin. He carved holes to make the horns stay in :)

My silly pumpkin. He had 2 teeth, but one fell out. Darn redneck!


Mike's pumpkin.

Dolly... after thirteen shots of her walking away!

Next we are going to watch Meet the Robinsons, and eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream! YUMMY!!!

After that will be the bedtime routine of bath, meds, brushing teeth and story :)

Hope everyone had as good a Saturday as we have :)



Ter said...

sounds like you had a good day. I really like that first photo of Blake, it looks so professional and you can see how long his eye lashes are.

p.s. You actually figured something out before me... how did you get the photo to go where your name is?

Oh and I love Lilly's pumpkin. I thought about doing that. I wanted to buy more pumpkins but B is like "no" :op I knew I shoulda went without him. Oh well I'll go after work one day. nyah nyah. Wish the weekends were longer, I might actually get something done around here.

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Ter... thanks, coming from you the compliment about B's pic feels great :)

You have to go to edit profile and in there you can add the pic... if you have a pic on your blog already you copy and paste the url from there. It tells you how to do it if you click on "help" :) Mike helped me because you don't need the *whole* thing from blogger... just what starts with http and ends with jpg :)

Yes, you definitely should do a pumpkin for Tyla :) She'll love it. I wasn't sure what to put but Mike and Blake both said, "An angel" so that's what I did :)

Ter said...

Thanks. I'll have to try it.

I did make a pumpkin, just not an angel one. :) I carved it out today and will have to get a pic. :)