Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ok... so we went out to eat tonight and we really needed some laundry stuff. Kmart is in the same parking lot as where we ate (Fazoli's) so I had Mike drop me off and I ran in to get the laundry soap and stain spray (Oxy Clean laundry spray is AWESOME stuff!!). Anyhoo... I get in line behind a man who is buying work boots. This is the ONLY lane open, by the way. The cashier rings the boots up and they ring up $29.99. The man says the boots are supposed to be on sale for $20.00. OK folks... we are talking TEN FREAKING BUCKS HERE! The cashier digs in her drawer and pulls out an ad and starts flipping through the ad. Then she goes about 5 lanes away and calls several numbers... then she pages the shoe department. She waits a few minutes and finally the shoe person calls back. Then after about 10 more minutes the shoe person comes up and says, "All of them are on sale but I have to see which ones they are so I know how much they are." She looks at the boots and walks away with a flippant, "I'll call you in just a sec."

HELLO!!! Do you not SEE the line of people that has now formed? There are at least 6 people in line! Most of which have 2-3 items! WHAT THE F**K????

The cashier did NOT even offer to ring someone else up while they waited.

And it was TEN LOUSY BUCKS! TEN! If TEN FREAKING DOLLARS is going to put the damn store out of business then they are in a world of hurt!!!!

I wanted to scream, "GIVE THE GUY THE DAMN SALE PRICE!!!!"

Now... had *I* been the one with the price discrepancy and saw all the folks waiting I would have told the cashier to go ahead and ring up the next person in line. Why make EVERYONE wait?

AND... had *I* been the cashier I would have told the customer, "I'm going to go ahead and ring up the next guest while we wait."

Plus... at Target (I know this because I used to be a cashier at Target) if a customer says something is on sale and it's a reasonable price (ie, they aren't saying a $500 tv is on sale for $50 bucks) then you GIVE THEM THE SALE PRICE and you check on it later! You do NOT make all of the customers wait while you have someone running the store looking for a price!!!

I waited a second after the "I'll call you in just a sec" remark... the cashier STILL didn't offer to ring me up so I just left my shit on the counter and walked out! HOW RUDE!

What has happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE? It has gone right out the window!

GGGGGRRRRRR!!!! Pray for the IDIOTS at Kmart!


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tonia said...

Which is why I shop week days, first shift, at Meijer. Those ladies know their stuff and they remember me and we talk about stuff.