Thursday, October 18, 2007

What a DAY!

Ok... so my day actually started YESTERDAY.... I got an email from my assistant. She's going to be gone until 30 November! (For those of you who don't know... she's been gone since 14 Sept.).

UGH!! I am SICK of working with subs! I am SICK of doing ALL the work because I don't have an assistant.

So... then I get to work and as I'm unlocking the door, my phone is ringing off the hook.... I grab it and it's my bus. They are broken down on the side of the road. They are going to be 45 mins to 1 hour late picking up kids. I have kids who wait at the office of their trailer park so trying to reach them is nearly impossible... did I mention it was POURING down rain? Yeah. Nice.

I call all of the parents. I leave messages for several. Some call back asking if they have missed the bus... I want to scream, "DID YOU LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE I *JUST* LEFT YOU?"

After dealing with the phone ringing non-stop for 45 minutes... and having parents bringing in their little darlings... I finally breathe a sigh of relief and in walks my supervisor. OY!

Thankfully she was in a good mood... well, until the part where I had to tell her about my assistant. Luckily she isn't pissed at ME.

We made applesauce today. I have a Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer... I let each kid do one apple. Then we cook them in an electric skillet and add a wee bit of sugar. BEST applesauce I've ever had :)

But since the morning kids were late, I had to rush the applesauce and cook it in the microwave.

Then THREE of the morning kids developed a rash on their faces at lunch. And TWO of the afternoon kids got the same rash! WEIRD! I can't find pics of the rash online at all... so have NO CLUE what it is!

So then I come home and I want to make a cake for my student teacher because tomorrow is her last day. My plan was to make an apple cake and bake it in a bowl and decorate it to look like an apple. Yeah.. until I put too much applesauce in the mix because I'm a dork and didn't read the recipe first! So I decide I'll just make a regular cake adn decorate it to look like an apple. Uh huh. I bake it... take it out when the timer goes off... test it with my handy dandy cake tester (another Pampered Chef item) and it comes out clean. I put a platter on top of the bowl and FLIP it over... and cake batter pours all over the platter!!! WTF???

I put the cake BACK in the oven.... but forget to set the timer.... so I realize some time later that the cake is still in the oven and I RUSH to the kitchen.. to find that it is BARELY cooked more... and then I realize the oven is OFF.

Ok... at this point I'm sure y'all heard the sonic boom!

Now I am off to pack because I am going to Shelley's for the weekend and it is 11:49 PM and I still haven't started packing.... and I'm leaving RIGHT after work tomorrow.

Pray for ME tonight. That my life will SLOW DOWN and lose some stress. And that none of the networks will develop a sitcom after my life!



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Ter said...

Note to Jo: Turn Oven ON before putting cake in oven.