Friday, December 21, 2007

A blog without pictures...

... it just seems so sad to have a blog entry with no pictures. *sigh* I should find SOMETHING to put in here just to spice it up a bit! LOL!!!

My week has been so busy... Mon I had to work (can I get a collective UGH) and had to drive an hour and a half to GET to where I had to work. Which actually wasn't even working --- it was a training and our agency party. Bleah. I wish they'd give us a gift card to WalMart and the day off. But I suppose I should be happy I have a job, right?

Tues I spent the day at my inlaws helping clean and get ready for the impending visit of Gramma (my MIL's MIL). Oy! I really didn't do much there on Tues even though I was there ALL DAY. I decorated the tree, put the tree skirt on and helped put a slip cover on the sofa. Hmmm....

But I did get slip covers for MY sofa and a chair out of the deal :) My MIL decided that she didn't want to use them after all. Oh yes, and 3 sets of Christmas dishes :)

Wed I had a doc's appt in the morning (another sinus infection). She nearly fell over when she saw how red my throat was! I told her it was sore! LOL!! Then I finished up my Christmas shopping (I hope... I feel like I have forgotten someone). Then Mike and I volunteered at Blake's school in the Santa shop :)

Thurs was B's 8th birthday :) I was going to go volunteer in his classroom, but his behavior on Wed caused his teacher to ask me not to come :( I was bummed about that. But I still baked his token peanut butter cake and delivered that to his room.

Then, since it was his bday, he got to choose what was for dinner... and he chose McDonald's of course. The one with the play place, of course :)

And today, Friday, was BACK to the inlaws to help out some more. Today I actually WORKED :) I vacuumed, moved stuff around, helped polish silver, helped sort a closet of stuff, decorated the mantle and vacuumed some more :) Today I got 2 rugs that match my living room rug -- one for my dining room and one for my office which are both off the living room.... a cute tote bag with sequined cats on it (sort of Mexican looking design), 3 scarves, and Mike got a laptop case. Hmm... seems like something else too ... can't think of it. Oh yeah... a cute ceramic night light that has angels on it.

Alrighty then... now that I have posted THE most boring blog of the year.

Merry Christmas to all of my faithful readers :) Even if you DON'T comment so that I know you are reading :)

May the following year be peaceful and prosperous for you all.


courtcourt said...

I don't USUALLY comment, because if I don't have something remotely profound to say, I'll just keep quiet. But I did add you to my Google reader awhile ago (I don't remember how I found you), and I DO read! :)

Merry Christmas back at ya! :)

Tonia said...

I didn't think it was boring because I like to know what you're doing. Merry Christmas!