Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still have a job...

So I had the meeting today. It went OK. My boss got SUPER defensive when I told her that I don't feel she is approachable... and she said, "You are NOT going to blame this on ME." Huh... didn't realize I was trying to blame you.... thought I was just stating a point. But whatever.

So... tomorrow they take their "notes" to the big boss. Who knows what happens after that.

All I know is I am done. I will finish out the year.. unless I find something else before the end of the year...and then I am outta there!

Not sure what I'll do... but I'll just have to have faith that God will provide.

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Ter said...

sorry I haven't been around the last few days... I didn't want to deal with my slowpokish computer and besides my MIL was here and as you know the computer is in the guest room. but anyway I'm glad you still have a job. :)