Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ok so I wasn't going to blog about this... but I have to write it SOMEWHERE to get it out of my head and figured the blog would be the best place.

I am worried that I am going to lose my job on Tuesday. My supervisor called me Friday afternoon and informed me that I have to have a meeting with her and the head of personnel to discuss complaints that have been filed against me. *sigh*

This meeting is on Tuesday afternoon. So I have to go the ENTIRE weekend... which is a long weekend due to Mon being a holiday.... worrying and wondering.

I am SO tired of this job. I have been wanting OUT for years now. But just can't find another teaching job in Michigan. In the past 11 years of teaching, I have interviewed 3 times and been passed over on all 3. *sigh*

I THINK the complaint against me is from a bus driver (not MY bus driver) because I brought a kid out to the bus with no coat and no boots on. This child NEVER wants to get ready to go home. He runs around the room, throws his things, and if we try to help him he hits, kicks, pinches, scratches, bites and spits. So... I told him if he didn't get ready I was going to carry him to the bus just like he was. He refused to get ready, so I carried him to the bus. He had on a long sleeve, heavy t-shirt and it wasn't all that cold out even though it IS winter. I didn't wear a coat when I took him out and I was fine. The bus driver made him walk to the back of the bus... which meant his socks got wet. Then he threw his boots around on the bus. This is the 2nd time he has gone out with no boots on... for the very same reason.

SO... the bus driver called HER supervisor, who then called MY supervisor (who, by the way is not a very nice person) and then I get this phone call. Apparently she called the teacher across the hall and asked her what she has seen going on. Nice. Isn't that a breech of confidentiality?

So... although I would LOVE to not have this stupid job anymore... we need the money (since Mike isn't working)... and we need the insurance!


So, I'll let you know what happens.

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