Thursday, March 27, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences...

Tonight we had a conference with Blake's teacher. It was basically the same conference we've had before:

Spelling is improving dramatically.

Handwriting is improving, he's working really hard.

Math, we don't even need to discuss. (For those of you who don't know he is a math WHIZ!)

Reading, he's at a 3.8 AR level (which basically means he's reading about a year ahead)

Academically he is doing WONDERFULLY. No complaints. He works very hard.

But.... (there always has to be a but, doesn't there?)... he is (STILL) having trouble making good choices and doing the right thing. For example... when he was supposed to be writing something he decided to stab himself in the privates with his pencil because he thought it would be funny..... another time, when he was finished a writing project he reached over and grabbed his friend's pencil while she was trying to write.... goofing off in the bathroom.... talking when he's supposed to be working.... writing 1 sentence and calling his story "finished".


We have talked and talked and talked about this issue... this ONGOING issue with him.

We have talked about how he needs to Stop. Think. Do the right thing.

Apparently it's not working. I want to make a game... the "Stop and think" game... and have scenarios and choices and depending on which choice you choose you either get to move ahead or back.

So... I'm asking my slew of blog readers (LOLOL)... do you have ANY ideas? Either on what to do to help him learn how to control himself.... OR ideas of scenarios for the game??

Thanks, y'all :)



Ter said...

If Blake is doing so well in school (learning wise) it is quite possible that he's BORED because he's got time to spare while the other children are learning. I have heard of many children acting up simply because they are bored due to the fact that they are above average in smarts. Perhaps you can work with Blake's teachers to give him other activities to do while the rest of the class is finishing their assignments. Does it appear that that is the time when he acts up the most? Other children act up because they do not understand and feel that being funny is a way of not letting people know they are unable to do the work, but I do not think that is the case with Blake. I think he understands perfectly well, but is bored. Are there some advance lessons he can take? Could he read a book or doodle quietly while the rest of the class is doing their assignments that he has completed? I don't really know what else to suggest, I wish you luck with the board game.

Ter said...

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Tonia said...

I got your email awhile back asking for ideas, and I'm sorry I didn't get right back to you. I've been thinking about it awhile though and I've only had one idea so far. To make your game easier to build, you could get an old game of Life and piggy back off of that.

To get ideas for situations you could keep a note pad handy and write down the stuff that happens every day!

Last, I just think that it takes some kids longer to learn how to "do school." JD is a lot like that, and he goes to a Montessori school, so I know he's not bored. I think that you just have to hang in there and keep trying different strategies to get you ideas across, a mix of rewards and consequences, and being there and just hanging tough. I think you do good work