Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let the games begin....

Wind - 4 Jolene - 9

I raked. The wind blew. I raked some more. The wind blew some more. I cursed. The wind blew. I screamed, "THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!" The wind blew. I bagged NINE bags of yard waste. That's nine 39 gallon lawn and leaf bags, y'all! That's like almost 390 GALLONS O' SHIT!
I wanted to post before and after pics. What I have are "Oops, forgot to take the before pics before I started so here are some 45-minutes-into-it pics" and "After 8 1/2 back breaking hours of blood, sweat and tears pics".
Minor injuries to warrant blood. I did step on a board with a rusty nail in it, but didn't realize I HAD stepped on it until I tried to walk away and couldn't. My tetanus is up to date anyway. (I think.)
Ok... here are the pics: (excuse the blurry ones... my camera SUCKS!)

Corner of yard before

Corner of yard after (sorry it's so dark... Mike is supposed to fix my editing program ... key word being "supposed").

Back of garage before:

Back of garage after (who knew there were rugs there??)

Side of garage before:

Side of garage after (the sweet smell of success!)

You can't really SEE them... but trust me, there are NINE of those buggers lined up there!!
Speaking of sweet smells.... I ain't smellin' so sweet so I'm off to take a shower and make peanut butter sundaes for the boy and me :)

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Ter said...

you're welcome to clean my yard too. ;)