Friday, April 18, 2008


Geez! Yesterday (after I won RMOTY award) we found out that Blake had lied to us about a note he brought home from school. It was in his handwriting, but signed by the teacher. Blake told us originally that he had written the note as a joke to us and had his teacher sign it to make it look real.

Well.. then we found out that he was lying and that the note was indeed real.

Sooo.... I gave him the "you get in more trouble for lying than for just being honest in the first place" lecture (not the first time he's gotten this one y'all!). Then I told him I would have a list of chores for him to do as punishment for lying. Chores that aren't on his "normal" chores list.

He informed us tonight that he doesn't think it is fair that we expect him to work as punishment for lying.

Huh. How about that? So what WOULD be fair?


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