Sunday, April 27, 2008

We have new pets...

Blake got some money from selling a bike and a power wheels a week or so ago. He's been saving it, but wasn't sure what he was saving it for.

Yesterday he went with his Grammy A. to a carnival near here and he won a goldfish. He named it Flipper.

Today we had to go to the pet store to get food for Flipper and Blake decided that poor Flipper was awfully lonely in the aquarium, so he needed a friend. Along came Larry. Yes, Larry the goldfish.

That is Flipper behind the filter tube, and Larry off to the left. (Once again, excuse the blurry pic from my crappy camera.)

While we were shopping for Flipper's food and new best friend, Larry, Blake spied a frog. Not just ANY frog mind you. A fire bellied frog named Bob. Yes. Bob.

So now I have a NEW topic for my blog... Flipper, Larry and Bob. Perhaps, Blake needs his own blog.... the Adventures of Flipper, Larry and Bob.

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(so, who gets the lovely chore of cleaning the aquarium?)