Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time well spent...

I am home again (for those of you who did know I was going away :) ).

I went to my Mom's house last Fri. We were going to scrapbook on Saturday... but after running errands and cleaning up Pop's grave (grass etc) she was too tired. So we napped. Ordered pizza. I got to see Greta and Hannah... and meet Greta's man who she just moved in with!!! YIKES! (p.s. I found out last night that Greta wants to have a baby!!! She's only 20! OY VEY!)

Then on Sun I was going to go to church with Mom... but she didn't feel up to going. So I putzed a bit and then headed over to Shelley's. Yay!!! My visit was really 2 fold... she had asked me to pick up some picture frames for her and I forgot to take them to her earlier in the month (when we went to see STOMP)... so I had to take those to her. Plus I got to visit with her :)

Shell took Mon off so we went shopping... ended up not leaving until much later than we had planned because she told me her scanner wasn't working so I uninstalled the unit (printer/ scanner/ copier) and then couldn't get it to re-install. Have I mentioned before how much I DESPISE Vista? After TWO days of messing around with the stupid computer I finally figure out that the reason the printer won't re-install (even though vista kept telling me it HAD installed properly) was because I was trying to install it to the LPT port and it needed to go to the USB port. Thanks for telling me that! Plus...I found out that with Vista you cannot USE the scan button on the scanner to scan... you have to open a paint program and then do any scanning thr0ugh there... what a pain in the ass! Again... I tell you I DESPISE vista!

But... we had fun shopping. I looked for a dress for Shari's wedding... found one I liked the style of, but not the color. Found a few that would have been OK but didn't like the price. So didn't get a dress.

Got Blake a new bathing suit, and a tank top for 4th of July. I got myself a new tote bag... it's a Vera Wang Wannabe :) It's black with pink flowers... I'm loving it :) Might just be my new purse!
We had lunch at Cici's pizza! YUMMERS!!!

Then on Tues I went to school with Shell. I covered her math books with clear book cover sticky stuff for her. Her principal (who was a student teacher in my classroom and I failed her... btw, she's not any better now) didn't even come to her room to see why I was there or what I was doing! Isn't that sad? Wouldn't you think the PRINCIPAL should have known what a person other than staff was doing in the building? She knew I was there because she parked right next to Shelley and she saw me get out of the car. Sheesh!

On Wed I stayed home while Shell went to work and I putzed all day. It was really nice to do nothing. And like Shelley said... when you try to do nothing at home you end up doing something because you look around and think of a zillion things to do. But at somebody else's house you can actually sit and do NOTHING :)

We went out to dinner after she got home. She took me to a little diner and I had homemade pierogies! OH YUM! They weren't as good as my Gramma made (of course) but they were darn tootin' good!

After dinner we went to CVS (because I like to browse around in there and we don't have one here) and to Dollar General. Then back to her house because she was beat!

Today I got up when she did and got ready and came home. I picked B up from school as a surprise because he thought I wouldn't be home until dinnertime... he wasn't even surprised. *sigh*

Alrighty then... I was typing this post and realized I was going to be late picking him up... oopsie!!!

TTFN, y'all :)

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