Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where has the time gone?

It is amazing how I can look at Blake and still remember him being small. But I never quite remember how small he was. Then some days I look at him and can't believe he used to be so small. He is growing into such a nice, sweet boy. I realized, with some sadness, that in just 2 short years he will be in the double digits for age. *sigh*

This morning he woke up with his alarm. Before he came in and woke us up with breakfast in bed (cheerios.. they do a heart good you know?)... he got up, got dressed, fed the frogs, fed the dogs, took the dogs out, gave the dogs treats for going potty, fed the cats, took the recycle bin out and made his bed. When he woke me with my breakfast, I said, "Who are you and what have you done with my son?"
He laughed. He has such a good sense of humor.

Lately he has decided he want me to read to him from his bible at bedtime (instead of his chapter books). He has a bible that was written especially for young boys and it has all sorts of "extras" in it that he finds interesting. Anyhoo... we write in the back of the bible something we are thankful for that day, then we read a chapter, then we pray. This was something Blake came up with all on his own :)

Anyhoo... he had a great day at school too.

This evening I was sorting sheets and getting sets together and I found a box in my hope chest. I opened it and inside were things from when Blake was a baby. The outfit he wore home from the hospital. When he held it up, it didn't even cover his torso! The diaper he wore when he was first born.. that was too big... that wouldn't even fit his foot now! His first baseball jacket.. that he attempted to put on.. what a hoot! And these...

his first pair of shoes:

Look at that. His chubby little feet used to puff out of those little sandals... now he can't even get his big toe in them. He is growing in so many ways. I thank God for him every day. I love that kid... even if he IS growing up too fast!

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Ter said...

aw cool shoes.