Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Barkday!

My Dolly, and Tammy's Maggie are having their barkday party today. They are 2 years old! Tammy and I have been joking about this ever since we got the pups and realized they were born 2 weeks apart!

So, now our fun has become reality :) I made a peanut butter carrot cake and iced it with peanut butter. I'll have to stop for some frosting so I can write on it :) We have pink plates and pink napkins.

This is what the invitations look like (Tammy and I worked on these while camping). We worked on them by lantern light! Inside they have all the pertinent party information, plus it says, "Please bring your owner(s)." and "No fleas please." Haha!!
Both of our dogs think they are princesses. We call Dolly.. Princess Dolly. They call Maggie, Pretty Precious Princess Beagle. LOL!!!
Stay tuned for pics of the barkday party!!

1 comment:

Ter said...

emma really wishes she was invited and that dolly didn't live so far away so she could come!