Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Larry, Flipper, Bob and Freedom...

The bad news is, Larry and Flipper (the goldfish) have died. Blake was pretty upset by their deaths.... but we didn't have to have a funeral.

Bob and Freedom (the fire bellied frogs) are doing well. They have feeder guppies in their tank and the guppies are having babies in there... so they have a boat load of food! Too bad they aren't eating any of it. Not sure WHAT they are eating though... hmmm.....

Every morning Blake turns the light on for the frogs... and turns it off at night so they can have the darkness they apparently need.

I re-arranged B's room and the frog tank got all shook up when I moved it... so I cleaned it. I did a bit of re-arranging in there too. I took most of the gravel out (I don't think the frogs could see the fish against the gravel. I moved the big rocks so there are clusters of them at either end of the tank. They seem to really like the pool that this created in the middle of the tank. They will swim across the tank and then float with their feet resting on a big rock... then after a few minutes they'll swim back across and climb up on their basking rock... then they do it all over again. It's quite amusing watching them.

Who'd have thought I would actually enjoy having pet frogs?

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Ter said...

You'll have to take more pictures with your new camera!

I'm sorry to hear the news about the fish though. :(