Saturday, June 7, 2008

A short lived friendship...

Mike and Blake have been volunteering at the animal shelter for a few months now. Blake came up with the idea on his own, and the rule has always been that if he has a good day at school then they will go after school. Needless to say he gets bummed if Daddy doesn't pick him up from school.

Anyway, we decided to sign up to foster dogs that were on the verge of being euthanized. Of course, we can't foster all of them.. much as Blake and I wish we could... but we can do one at a time.

This time we got Megan. She didn't know her name so we called her everthing we could think of trying to find out what her name really was. She was scared to death of the thunderstorm we had and spent most of the day cowering in the cage :( Poor thing.

Later that evening I went to get her out of the cage to go outside and she tried to bite me. I called Mike down and he reached in to pet her and she bit him! Hard! On the back of his hand. It didn't draw blood, but it was still swollen the next morning.

So, Megan went back to the animal shelter. If it were just Mike and I, we could work her through it... but it's a chance I refuse to take with Blake here. But the lady did tell Mike that the english setter rescue was ready to take Megan, so we still spared her life by having her here for a short time :)


Ter said...

She's beautiful! The poor puppy was so scared and nervous.... no wonder she freaked out like that. But of course you had to ensure that your own child was protected, so I totally understand why you went to take her back. Thank goodness that a rescue group was ready to take her, and I hope she will live a long, happy life and that she will find someone to love her and take care of her.

I hope this won't sour you towards fostering. I've thought about doing that too, but then we adopted Em, but who knows, maybe some day we will foster too. :)

Jo said...

Oh no... we'll foster again! We don't blame her... she probably had a hard life... but like you said, we have to keep Blake's best interest at heart.