Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things to think about...

How did I get toothpaste on the bottom of my pantleg? (I'll give you a hint... it's the blue gel kind that my son uses, and is also all over the bath mat.)

Who's idea was it to let illiterate people drive? (You know the ones... they can't read the "no turn on red", "right lane, right turn only", "lane ends merge left" signs... even WITH the pictures!!)

When you tell your husband that the light is burned out, why does he flip the switch? Does he think you just stood in the hallway and said, "Abra cadabra" and expected the light to turn on?

When you tell your husband that the car is making a funn sound/ doing a funny thing... why does he always say, "It doesn't do that when *I'm* driving.

Why do job recruiters consistently think that because I am a teacher, I would be "perfect" for their SALES team?

Just some random thoughts :)

As an off subject bit of info.... I am going to change the name, and hopefully the look, of my blog :) Watch for it.... hopefully it will be soon :) I could, of course, change the name now... but would rather unveil the whole project at one time :)


LM said... pressure

I actually had Lee look at the one you liked this morning, she will be helping me with it!

I totally agree with ALL your random thoughts ESPECIALLY the light bulb!!


Ter said...

okay missy, you figured something out before me and I want to know how you did it. How did you change your comments to say profound statements? I've seen others do similar things but I have not figured it out yet (actually, I haven't really tried either, so boo on me but my life is so fastinating I have no time for things like that, hahahaha what's that? You didn't believe me? No I didn't think you would but I had to try anyway. ;) )