Saturday, July 12, 2008


Blake has been growing his hair. It has gotten so long that he has been able to tuck it behind his ear. I have allowed the hair growth because he needs to have control of something in his life and hair is an easy thing to allow him to control.

Well, a friend of ours said she would cut it for him and today he decided he'd have her trim it. We looked at some pics before we went over and he chose a cut that was quite a bit different... and definitely not just a trim. I explained to him that it would be shorter. He said that was OK.

So now I am happy because I love his hair short. And he is happy because it is much cooler. And I'm sure that Shari's soon-to-be-husband will be happy because Blake is in their wedding next Saturday :)

He looks SO different... and his blue eyes really pop out with his hair short. I'm glad he chose to get it cut.

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Ter said...

he looks older with the new haircut. I like it though! :)