Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is it with people?

We try so hard to raise Blake to be respectful to everyone. To follow the rules. We do our best to show him how important it is.... we are respectful to others, we follow the rules, we follow the law.

Today we decided to head out to the lake for a few hours between lunch and dinner. I made sloppy joes and put them in the slow cooker so figured it would be a good way to just let that simmer :)

We parked the car and there is a sign right by the parking area that reads, "No animals beyond this point."

While we were swimming a lady came with her little boy and their 2 dogs. She took the dogs across the beach and right into the swimming area. Blake said something to her about dogs not being allowed on the beach -- we didn't bring our dogs for that very reason. She told him that the person at the gate told her she could bring her dogs to the beach.

Now why have rules if they aren't going to be enforced? Had we brought OUR dogs, we would not have allowed them on the beach, but one of us would have stayed with them in the other area of the lake... and then we would have gotten in trouble for having them there.


I wish more people would be cognizant (sp?) of others.

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Ter said...

haven't you figured it out yet? Some people are allowed to do whatever the hell they want, while the rest of us are not!