Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cooking Lesson

When Blake was 5 years old he burned himself with hot water from the microwave. Mike had put the water in there to make ramen noodles for he and B, and when the timer went off, Blake decided he was going to help. I heard his "cooking chair" slide across the kitchen floor and I started to say, "Blake you need to wait for Daddy." But before I could get the whole thing out, Blake started to scream and I knew what had happened. I rushed to the kitchen and began throwing pots of cold water on the poor kid. He stood there screaming and looking at me as if I had lost my mind. Mike also came running and he went to Blake to see how badly he was burned. Mike ran to the car, I grabbed dish towels, soaked them in cold water, wrapped them around Blake's hand and leg and scooped him up and ran to the car with him. We came to a red light and Mike said, "The light is red, what do I do?" and I said, "Run it!" (A fact that Blake reminds us of to this day :) ).

Anyway... I learned that day that grabbing up your 5 year old and running with him isn't a good thing to do 3 months after having abdominal surgery (for my ectopic pregnancy).

When we got to the hospital, Mike dropped us off and as soon as I entered the lobby of ER and said, "He got burned by hot water." they rushed us right back to a room.

Anyway... ever since that traumatic day, Blake has not wanted anything to do with cooking. He will help me bake, but leaves the kitchen when I'm putting something into or taking something out of the oven. He just started eating ramen noodles again this summer.

I have been trying to talk him into letting me teach him how to cook. He has been very apprehensive, worried that he'll get burned. I told him if he lets me teach him then I can teach him how not to get burned.

So this morning he agreed to learn how to make scrambled eggs so we could have breakfast burritos :)

Here's Chef Blake at work:

The burrito was the best I have ever had :) Now Blake is hooked on cooking, and wants to learn more!! Yay!!!

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Ter said...

Way to go Blake!!

Guess what? Girls really like it when a guy can cook. ;) So keep it up, young man! :)