Monday, August 25, 2008

Life update

Well. I didn't get the job I was hoping for :( The guy called today and said that it came down to me and another candidate, and that she has experience working in their county so she's more familiar with the aspects of the job. But he asked if he could keep my resume on file, and said it was a tough decision, and that I have excellent credentials. *sigh*

My van is in the shop and will be ready either Thursday or Friday. My mom offered to pay for 1/2 if Mike's folks could do 1/2. I didn't even ask her for the $$.. she just offered it. Anyway, the inlaws said they could do 1/2 too. So now it'll get fixed and we'll pay them back as soon as I find a stinking job!

I thought it would be fun to take the dogs to the woods today to play. So off we went. We went down the path and Blake and both dogs ran down a hill to the bridge. Then they came back up and Honey had a bee on her head stinging her. We knocked it off, and then they went back down. Suddenly Blake was screaming and yelling, "They're stinging me! They're stinging me!"

I told him to run up the hill to get away from the bees. He did, and when he got up to where we were he had a bunch of bees all over him. Michael and I were whacking them off him and I was spraying them with water ... which wasn't helping. Then we ran up the path a bit to get away. Blake took his shirt off and he had been stung on the underside of his arm, and his chest. When we got home I had him take all of his clothes off so we could check him out really well... and he had been stung 4 times! On the underside of his upper arm, on his chest, on his chin and on his back. Poor kid! Thank goodness he's not allergic! I put Benadryl gel on all the stings. We also gave Honey benadryl (vet said it's OK) because she had a bump on her head the size of a walnut where she got stung!!!

So... that's our happy Monday story.

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Ter said...

What a day! I'm sorry you didn't get the job and I am sorry Honey and Blake got stung! :( Emma keeps chasing the wasps and I'm like leave 'em alone! One of these days I'm sure she will learn her lesson the hard way.