Monday, August 18, 2008

Thursday... the last day :(

We got up early Thursday morning, after staying up too late playing cards Wed. night! Shelley had an eye doctor appointment. We got to the doc's office a bit early so we were sitting in the parking lot talking and Shell saw something. We got a closer look and it was 2 momma deer with their babies. The babies were just ram-rodding (my mom's favorite word) around this field. They were jumping and bouncing and galloping and weaving. It was the cutest darn thing I have ever seen!

We watched them for quite a few minutes before something scared them away.

I read a magazine while I waited for Shell in the freezer (the doc's office was REALLY cold).

Then we went to the mall (yeah, again.. hee hee). Oh wait, no first we went to Big Lots. We weren't in there very long when a rude salesperson pissed me off and we decided to leave. But first we told the manager about the situation. It went something like this:

Me: Excuse me, do you have soap for in the women's bathroom?
Her: (very snotty tone) What?!
Me: Soap? For the women's bathroom?
Her: (still snotty) There's a soap dispenser in there!
Me: Oh, well my friend was just in there and she said the soap dispenser doesn't work.
Her: (I won't even continue to put her snottiness in ... just let it be a given from here on out) Yes it does!
Me: Well, my friend just told me that it doesn't work.
Her: throws down what is in her hands, stomps into the bathroom...
Me: following Queen Bitch, "I don't know why you think I'd lie to you about it."
Her: continuing to storm into the bathroom, "Why would *I* lie!"
Then she proceeds to jab the living daylights out of this soap, shoves her soap filled hand at me and says, "See? LOTS of soap!" Then storms back out of the bathroom.

Now, let me tell you that the soap dispenser is one of those gray do-jobbers with the grey bar across the bottom of it... you know where you have to push the grey bar with your palm while trying to catch the soap with your fingers? Well, apparently on THEIR soap dispenser you don't push the grey bar (as you do on EVERY other soap dispenser of it's kind in the free world). No... you push the pink, soap filled, dot ABOVE the grey bar. I would have NEVER thought to push that.

Well, I walk into the first of 3 stalls and there are no toilet paper dispensers. I walk into the second stall and there are 2 dispensers (apparently the one from the first stall migrated) but both of them were empty. I walk into the last stall... the handicapped stall.... and I lock the door... with the broken pencil they have so tactfully added for just such a task. (I kid you NOT). I put the seat down (why is the seat even UP in a women's bathroom??) and there is some kind of shmutz smeared all over the seat.

Uh yeah... I'll be taking my business (both kinds) elsewhere thank you very much!

That's when I find Shelley, tell her what a BITCH the Queen Bitch was and we head out of the store. I said I wanted to talk to a manager on our way out... Shelley agrees.

We go to the service desk and I ask to speak the the manager. The woman pages the manager and within seconds Queen Bitch is storming towards the front of the store. You have GOT to be kidding me, right? I looked at Sweet Service Desk Lady and say, "Is SHE the manager?" She shakes her head no.... at about the same time Queen Bitch is shouting, "Is this about the soap in the bathroom?!"

SSDL says, "I don't know if this is about the soap in the bathroom." and kind of gives me a confused look.

I look at Queen Bitch and I say, "No, this isn't about the soap in the bathroom. This is about your attitude."

QB: I don't HAVE an attitude
Me: Yes, you do.
QB: No, I don't! You asked about the soap and blah blah blah blah
Me: You are standing here right now arguing with me about it
QB: I am NOT!
Me: You know what? I'm not going to stand here and argue with you about it. I am going to talk to the manager about it.

And I turned my back on her.

She spit and sputtered some more and then walked away. I didn't want to turn around so I looked at Shelley and said, "Is she gone?" LOL!!!

The manager wasn't much help. One of those didn't seem to care type of ppl. Even though I told her that we had NOT even finished looking in the store and she just lost 2 cutsomers. Her reply? "Well that doesn't sound like Sue at all."

However, Sweet Service Desk Lady stood there nodding her head the entire time I was talking, agreeing with everything I said!

I tell you what... we were fit to be tied when we left that store!

Sad thing is.... the store has ALL the stuff needed (including tools) to make the repairs in the bathroom... but instead it looks like something out of an abandonded truck stop in there!

THEN we went to the mall.

I got B some school clothes. Got myself a new skort (it's a red plaid one). We had lunch there. I got some school supplies for B and Mike at Target (they had 5 single subject spiral notebooks for 50 cents!).

We had dinner at Shell's folks' house.... stir fry. We played Skip Bo while din was cooking... and then again after we ate :) Then I left and headed for my mom's house for the night (I had some stuff to drop off,and it's right on the way).


Stacey said...

Big Lots is LIFE. I'd deal with a bitchy sales girl for Big Lots.

Ter said...

that girl didn't sound bitchy at all. not one bit.

bwahahahahahahaha I'm totally joshing. I'd probably have suckerpunched her. lol.