Monday, October 27, 2008


I have been really worried about how we are going to afford Christmas this year! I was especially worried about gifts from the "big man" you know??

Well... it seems that the chips have been falling in our favor. First of all, we found a computer that someone was selling for $25. It needs some more memory... but Mike can do that at school and we won't have to pay for it, plus he'll get extra credit in his class for doing it :) Then I went to pay the car insurance and found out that in trying to get caught up, I actually overpaid so we don't have to pay on that again until January. Then I found out that Kmart is doing layaway! I LOVE layaway! We used to start Christmas shopping in September and put everything in layaway and then just pay on it a little each paycheck.... but then all the stores did away with layaway. I have also heard that WalMart and Meijer are doing layaway for Christmas, but I have to call and check that out. I'd rather go to WalMart than Meijer or Kmart (the Kmart here in town doesn't have a very good selection and the store stinks :( ).

So... things aren't going to be so bad :)

Now, if I could just get everyone in America to send me $1 each, then I'd be all set :) LOLOLOL!!!

Have a great day, y'all!

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Ter said...

thank goodness I don't live in America. ;)