Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Blake was looking at his scrapbook. He came upon a Christmas page and there is a picture of him pulling a package of underwear out of his stocking. He said, "Mom, why did Santa Claus bring me underwear?" I said, "Uh, because you wrote him a letter and told him that's what you wanted." He remarked, "What kind of kid asks Santa for UNDERWEAR?!" I said, "Apparently a kid like YOU."

Fast forward to yesterday. Blake and I were having a conversation about what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas this year. He said, "Uh, I'm not really sure. But it certainly won't be UNDERWEAR!"

Man this kid cracks me up!!!

During our color tour with Shelley, we stopped at a coney island for lunch. Blake went to the bathroom and was in there forever. He came out and said, "There is stuff written all over the walls in that bathroom."

Me: Really?

B: Yeah. One thing says "{girl's name} is a backstabbing count"

Shelley and I made eye contact and nearly died from holding in the laughter!

Me: Hmmm

B: That just doesn't make sense, Mom.

Thank the dear Lord Blake doesn't know that word yet!


Tonia said...

Along the lines of Blake's bathroom story, you will so enjoy this one.

My friend Brandy shared this story from a neighboring fourth grade at her school.

After MEAP on Tues. kids were allowed to draw quietly while other kids finished up. Of course since some kids were still testing, the teacher was up and walking around as he monitored the test. As he passed one little girl he saw that she a had done a very nice, detailed drawing of beavers with a dam, pond and everything. Then he noticed that she had given it a title, "Mrs. Pussy!"

But it gets better. The next time he circled back to her, she had edited the title so now it just read, "Pussy."

Jo said...

OH MY GOSH T!!! That is great!!! Kids definitely show us that God wants us to have a sense of humor, don't they??

A Bear and His Honey said...

okay I have to comment on the beaver thing...

once I was watching tv with my MOM okay, now keep in mind that we are talking about my MOM.

I forget what we were watching, one of those saturday night live type shows, but not SNL. It was a canadian one I think. Anyway so they are charaterizing Dr. Sue. You know the Sex Doctor? Well, so "Sue" is saying "oh I just love canada. It's hard not to love a place where the BEAVER is the national symbol!" and I started cracking up and my mom looks at me and says "uh, what's so funny about that?" and I'm like "didn't you hear the joke? The BEAVER is the symbol of Canada and she is Sue The Sex Expert" and mom is all like, uh okay. I dont' get it. lol

I had to EXPLAIN to my MOTHER that BEAVERS is another NAME for YOUKNOWHAT! lol OMG how embarrassing!

Jo said...

LMAO Ter! That is too funny!!!!