Sunday, October 19, 2008


Our pastor preached on one of the parables today. A story that Jesus told of a man who owned a vineyard and he want to the marketplace to hire men to work his vineyard for the day. He paid the men who started early in the morning, the same as the men who started just an hour before quitting time.

He then asked us who we could relate to more... then men who worked all day, or the men who worked just the last hour.

At the end of the story, our pastor said that he recently read a definition of envy: Envy is resenting what God gives to others and ignoring what God has given to you.

I thought that was a very interesting quote and I decided to try NOT to envy what God gives to others and to pay attention to what He gives to me. I am considering starting a new blog so that I can reflect daily on the gifts that God has given me.

Trying to think of a cute name... not just "Gifts from God". Any thoughts? I was thinking the tag line could be: Keeping my eyes open for gifts from God. OR Paying attention to what God has gifted me with.

*shrug* Any thoughts would be appreciated :) Even if you don't normally comment... you know how you are!


A Bear and His Honey said...

Jo's Reflections

i dunno it was hard enough for me to come up with my blog names!

Totallyscrappy said...

Since we so often "miss" God's blessings because we aren't looking for them I'd go with something like Seeing, Seeking or Noticing the Gifts from God. How God Has Blessed Me Today?