Friday, November 7, 2008

God's provision.

Do you ever wonder if God is really there? If He really knows what we need? Where we stand?

It's no secret that Mike and I are struggling financially. We went from 2 full time incomes, to 1 full time income to 1 unemployment check. I won't even go into that.

Finding money for "extras" ... like shoes for the kid, tampons, etc. has been difficult. Sometimes finding money to pay the bills is difficult.

The other day Mike was cleaning the garage and he found a pile of mail out there that Blake had gotten from the mailbox and left in the garage (don't ask... he's 8). In that pile of mail was a check from when Mike did jury duty (back in July). The check was for $100 bucks! That paid the cell phone bill.

That same day a card came in the mail addressed to me. It had no return address. I opened it and inside was a note card with a handwritten bible verse and a $50 bill. It was not signed. I am sure it is from an angel. I had also received a card in the mail from our local Kohl's store for $10 off my purchase of $10 or more. So, with discount card and newfound wealth in hand, off we went to Kohl's to see if we could find new shoes for Blake. (We had gotten him new tennis shoes for school, but the soles keep coming off and we have shoe gooed them back on a gazillion times. I went to Payless and found him tennis shoes that were $40!! So much for PayLESS! We didn't buy those shoes... I refuse to pay that price for shoes for an 8 year old!). We get to Kohl's and find that all their shoes are on sale (BONUS!). We find a pair of Tony Hawk shoes on sale for $30 and with the discount card they are $20. Can't beat that!

A couple of days later, my brother calls to inform me that he is coming to fix our electrical issues (if we run the microwave and any other electrical being in the house it blows the circuit to the first floor). I had asked him to come fix it like almost 2 years ago. So... the rest of the $50 will be going to get whatever he needs to fix our electrical issues. Nice!

I have no clue who sent the money. A friend of mine suggested that a lot of people will benefit from it because I will be a little nicer to everyone I talk to because it might have been THEM who sent the money.

Blake put it quite nicely, I think, "Mom, maybe God appeared that money in there."

Yup, I think God did.

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Tonia said...

Some day I should tell you about Grandma Bena who caught a rabbit in her apron right when she prayed for food for her family.