Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pissed off.

Not sure why. I am mad at the world. Drivers are pissing me off. People are pissing me off. Husband is pissing me off. Managers at Fazoli's who laugh at me when I call to point out that their sign which reads "Our you looking for a change..." is not grammatically correct are pissing me off. Whiney college students are pissing me off. Aunt Flo is pissing me off. My dog who climbed up on my desk and ate my chocolate no bake cookie is pissing me off. People who make rude comments are pissing me off. President Bush is pissing me off (although this is nothing new).

I have been is a pissy mood for days now. Days people! The insanity has GOT to stop! I need a release. I need retail therapy. I need to take my kid to dinner and a movie. I need chocolate. I need to go spend the weekend away from home.

Thanks for letting me vent. HA! As if those who read this blog don't already KNOW I am Mrs. Crabbyass!


Ter said...


I will stay far far away, as in canada far away. lol ;)

Tonia said...

I'm afraid to comment.

Acutally I'm not. What you need is some Twilight therapy. As you've heard me say before, that's some good crack baby.