Sunday, December 28, 2008

New stuff

My mouse was giving me all kinds of grief until finally it met it's demise. (I had *nothing* to do with it. I swear. Ok...maybe I kinda dropped it.... and maybe it flew across the room.... and maybe it hit the wall. Just maybe.)

So I used some Christmas money to get myself a new mouse. I like it (so far).

Today we were planning to go to church and then to a movie. However, we lost power during the voracious wind storm last night and so I woke at 9:45 AM to my clock flashing in my face (yeah, church started at 9:30). So we got up and around and went to see "Bedtime Stories". Cute movie. Then I wanted to go to a really cool store here in town called Merchandise Outlet... they have a little bit of everything there. While there I found this for only $12 bucks!

Each of the little compartments (there are 12) come out. And each layer is adjustable. I can think of a gazillion uses for even MORE of them.... if they even had any more. And if I had the room... my dream house will have a craft room that is to DIE for!

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Ter said...

That's awesome! (not the part about the storm or missing church but the cool crafty thing!)

yay for organization!

P.S. You'll wanna read my blog today! :)