Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not so Merry Christmas Eve

Blake is sick. Really sick. He threw up during the night late Monday/ early Tuesday. He's had diarrhea (sp?) since Monday too. He keeps having accidents in his pants because he can't get to the bathroom fast enough (I'll bet he would be THRILLED to know I posted that!). Right now he's soaking in the bath because his poor bottom is so raw.

Usually on Christmas Eve we go to my inlaws house and have dinner and open gifts. Not today. We are planning to go tomorrow instead.

Mike is trying to dig out the driveway where the damn plow trucks plowed us in... we're talking a 2-3 foot high mound of packed snow!! His back can't handle that crap!

Meanwhile... a friend is coming to give me a ride to the store so I can get Blake some Pedialyte, chicken rice soup and bananas.

Joy to the World, the flu has come!

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Ter said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that Blake is not feeling well. Darn Flu! I hope he will feel better tomorrow so he can enjoy the day, but just because he is sick doesn't mean it can't be a special day just the three of you and the little angel floating around and the zoo you have there too. :)

get well soon blake!