Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A card, something new, and a challenge

Last week, I was feeling quite overwhelmed, nervous and scared about teaching this class. One day, in particular, was especially difficult. That day I got this card in the mail from Shelley:

How cute is that?? LOLOL!!!! Oh and by the way....I'm over my nervousness and fear of teaching the class :)

Today... Mike and I were out and about and I suddenly realized that when we bought our washing machine 5 years ago we were told that if we didn't call for repair service before the 5 yr warranty expired, we could get a store credit for 50% of what we paid for the extended warranty :) How in the WORLD I remembered that when I can't even remember what I wore yesterday is beyond me... but at any rate.

We went to ABC Warehouse (where the washing machine was purchased).

Here is my old "spice rack".

Here is my new and improved spice rack that I used part of my store credit to get. There were 3 spices in it that I can't use (Mike's allergies dontcha know?) so I emptied those, washed them and refilled them with spices he CAN have. I used our handy dandy new label maker (well, technically it's his cuz I got it for him for Christmas) to label the bottles after I filled them.

And here is a side view, just so you can see it :)

Ok... and now for the challenge. I gave my students this challenge and thought I'd give it to you all too :) Choose one bad habit that you have... procrastination, always late, smoking, biting your nails... whatever... just one bad habit. Make it your goal to change that habit by the end of the semester (which is the end of April). You do not have to share the habit with me (neither do my students). Just pick one... make a plan for how you will accomplish changing it... and then do it :)
Good luck! If you really want to share your habit in my comments you can... I can be really good at bugging you about it :) (just ask Stacey -- Housewife in Flip Flops).

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Ter said...

cute card.

yay for store credit.

it came with the spices? what did you do with the spices you couldn't use? did you give them to someone?? I hope you didn't just toss them!!! that'd be wasteful!!!

and I ain't gonna say anything about the challenge because I have no bad habits *sips coke* no bad habits at all!