Friday, January 2, 2009

I could just scream!

Since I quit my job in April, I have been receiving unemployment benefits. My determination letter tells me that I am eligible for benefits until June 2009.

Earlier this week, I received a letter in the mail telling me that my benefits are either exhausted or will soon be exhausted and that I need to file a new claim for Emergency Unemployment Compensation. WTF??

I have been trying to call the "If you have questions call...." number. Today is the THIRD day I have tried to call. Every stinking time I call, I get a recording, "I'm sorry but we are experiencing extremely high call volumes... blah blah blah... please try your call again later."

Now why do you suppose you're experiencing extremely high call volumes? Could it be because you sent everyone a damn letter telling them their unemployment is about to run out?

I don't know if I should continue to sit here hitting end... talk... redial... end... talk... redial... end... talk... redial......

Or if I should just go online and file the damn claim.

See... my fear is... the letter was a mistake and if I DO go online and file, my entire claim is going to be screwed up because I'm re-filing before I'm supposed to.


I so wish Stay-at-home-mom was a paid position!

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Ter said...

I wish it was a paid position too. It SHOULD be a paid position!!

Hope things work out. Stupid unemployment.