Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love my swimmer!

Blake had another swim meet today. He learned some lessons... the hard way. He swam 3 events and was disqualified from 2 of them. One because he stood up to adjust his goggles before his return lap in a 50 yard swim. And another because he didn't touch the wall with both hands before his return lap in a different 50 yard swim.

The first time he was a little upset, but was OK with it.

The second time, after the official told him that he'd been DQ'd, he stormed off the deck and into the locker room. I was told he was quite upset.

He calmed down after a bit... and apologized to his coach for losing his temper. He thinks he DID touch with both hands... and on the little screen on our video camera it appears that he did... BUT, he should have told his coach immediately and had it appealed on deck instead of storming off and throwing a fit.

We told him it's all good... he has to learn. *shrug*

As I've told him from day one... as long as he FINISHES the race, I don't care what else happens :)

Anyhoo... there was a photographer there today and if you told her what race and lane, she would take pics of your swimmer and you could purchase all sorts of stuff with them.

We got a couple of 5x7s and a button of this:

Yes sir! That's MY swimmer!
(isn't it cool how you can see his reflection in front of him?)

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Ter said...

well hopefully he has learned his lesson!!