Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday madness

*** OK LAST UPDATE*** whatever isn't done, isn't getting done today :)


It is now 7:00 ... and I have accomplished the BLUE items:


It is now 3:00... here's what I have accomplished so far:
Items in RED are COMPLETED

Ok... here's my agenda for the day:

trim cat's nails (Sam's are done... Teddy isn't quite as laid back about it... still hunting him down)(finally got ahold of Teddy!)
haul boxes up from basement
sort christmas decs (in process) (still working on this... it's gonna take DAYS)
put away christmas decs (to be done after sorting) (yeah yeah yeah..)
haul boxes up to Blake's closet (their new home)(it's more like an attic really) (one box has made it's way up)
finish organizing office
put away mounds of stuff on dining room table (for those of you who don't know me, when I clean I pile everything that doesn't belong in the rooms on the dining room table... then when everything else is clean, I put the stuff that's piled on the table away.) (I put away what was there, and have started a new pile)
haul laundry upstairs and put it away (Blake's is done) (mine is UP there... just not put away yet)
clean litter box
straighten den
vacuum den
post junk on freecycle (or just have Mike haul it to salvation army later)
call Theresa
call Marvin (unemployment) (can't do this until 6:00)
create payment calendar for payments to mom
put up calendar that Blake made for us at school
clean out fridge
clean out van (and hopefully find Blake's facemask) (facemask not found :( )

Ok... so keep me on task blogger friends :)

If you see me chatting.... kick my arse! Well... I have to take frequent breaks so my RA doesn't kick my arse.... but make sure I'm not here too long, will ya??

I'll post later with what I actually get DONE :)


Ter said...

lol you spent all that time making the list.;) My van needs to be cleaned out too but it's too cold to spend any time outside and I do not have a garage that would help shield the cold. boo. It will just have to wait til spring, I guess!! It probably would not be that messy except that with me going back and forth to the hospital, and my last job being that I ate in the car .... Hopefully my next job won't be and I will be able to keep it clean!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading all that!

Thank you for supporting me today!!