Friday, January 16, 2009

Rotten Mom of the year Award

Yup! I got the award again. I am so mean. If he thought he could get away with it, he'd probably call me the b word. *sigh*

Here are the day's events leading up to the award:

I got up, made Blake breakfast, took him to school. Ran errands, had lunch, went to school to spend the afternoon with Blake. As we were getting ready to leave the school at 3:42, Blake says, "Do I have practice tonight?" I told him he did. He said, "Can I skip it?" I said, "If you want to." He pumps his arm and says, "YESSS!"

Zizz forward to about 4:30, we are home, I tell Mike that Blake has decided not to go to practice. Mike asks Blake if he's not going, Blake says he doesn't feel like going tonight.

Zizz forward again to 5:45, Blake gets phone call from swim buddy and decides he IS going to practice. We live approximately 10 minutes from the pool. Practice starts at 5:45. Blake informs me he is ready to go. I inform him that I am not taking him since he told me earlier he wasn't going. He tells me he changed his mind. Well, too late son. I am not going to drop what I am doing to rush you to practice.

Rotten Mom.

In other news.....
I have my card challenge completed for this week!! Woot! Woot! I can't wait to post them (Shelley's, Tammy's and mine).... and to see what others have done :)


Ter said...

ah poo. rotten mom!

you know what would cheer you up, a photograph of envelopes. ;)

hahahahaahaha now you're gonna have to explain that one to your readers!!!!!

Jo said...

Oh no I don't. You brought it up... YOU explain it.


Ter said...

it's your blog.


musingsfromamichiganmom said...

Yep, you're just EVIL! lol