Thursday, January 29, 2009

So proud

Tonight was the science fair. I really didn't want to go...and it was just the last stop in a long busy day. But I went.

I don't like crowds (claustrophobia) so I sort of stood off by the wall where I could still see Blake by his project.

I couldn't help smiling while I watched him. He was so proud of his project. He would explain it to people and then have them guess the kinds of hair. If someone got it right, Blake would throw his arms up in the air and say, "Yess!" or "Great!" or "You did it!"

He asked me for paper... all I had was the program from the science fair. He had people write down their name, the date, and if they got the answers right or not. LOL!

I just can't explain how proud I was watching him. It was as if none of the other people were there. It was just Blake showing off his project, and me... his proud Mommy standing by.

When did he get so big? When did he get so articulate? How was he able to answer questions with such well thought out answers? Where did my little toddler with the speech impairment go? When did people stop looking to me to translate his words?

Ah yes. I'll just keep that memory tucked away in a safe place :)


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roy/elisabeth dean said...

I'm heading over there now...just got to visit the little girl's room first!
Thank you for visiting my blog~ I would love to have known your sweet Lilly. My name is Elisabeth, but my older sister started calling me Tiger Lilly when I was very young (I got all of the Cherokee genes, while my sisters got all of the Irish ones).
Take care and best of luck with the drawing!
♥ Lilly