Sunday, January 18, 2009


As requested (well, not really.. I offered) here is the stamp set that I used for the background on my cards. The stamps are all different words, and are magnetic. You put them however you want on this blocky thing (which didn't turn out very well in the pics) and then you just stamp it.
It's really cool. I got it from QVC (quite honestly the only thing I have ever ordered from there... unlike my MIL who is an addict). Can't remember how much I paid. It was quite a few years ago that I got it.

Ok, I have no idea why that posted sideways. It is right in my menu and right when I click to upload. But you get the general idea (even though my camera would NOT focus on it). All the little white rectangles are individual stamps.

This is the magnetic block. Actually, the stamps have the magnets and this is just a piece of metal on a block of wood. Again... not the best pic... but you get the idea.

The block loaded with stamps.

The finished product. There are 8 words on the block, so I stamped the block several times to create the overall effect.

I really love this concept because there are quite a few words, so I can create "themes" if you will. This card was for our Senior Pastor who is leaving our church. I chose words that would emmulate our feelings for him.


Ter said...

That is so cool! I don't know that company. Do they have a website? I wonder if they still have those. I want one!! If you ever get rid of yours, I'll buy it from you! :) Or do you have a store? I could send you the money to buy it for me (or via paypal?) Let me know more! Yay for stamps! On Tuesday I have to go out to the doctor's for a follow up appointment (to show him I'm still stressed. lol) and I think I'll go to Michaels while I'm out and see what they have there!

Jo said...

Well, goodness! You don't ask for much do you? LOL!

I'll check it out and let you know.

Ter said...

hahaha yeah not much.

well if they have a website.. well I'll maybe do some research tonight! lol Don't go out of your way, though, that was just my excitement about crafting coming thorough! ;)

Jo said...

Haha! The only part that's out of my way is that I have to get up off my fat arse and walk across the room!

Jo said...

THere it is :) Although I so did NOT pay that much for it.

Maybe you can find it cheaper somewhere else? Maybe has it still?? Hmmmmm.....