Saturday, February 28, 2009

Etsy irony.....

Ok.... so I ordered something really cool from Etsy (for myself and for Christmas presents so I can't post them here). When I placed my order I asked the girl, Michele, if she had anything with angel bears on it. I wanted to order something for Ter.

So, Michele... angel that she is.... went on a hunt for pink angel bear fabric. She found some and sent me a link to see what I thought. And I LOVED it. So she ordered it. Then she made the secret items (I promise I will post a link to Michele's etsy shop after Christmas cuz I just don't want the ppl I ordered for to go there, fall in love and order for themselves... LOL). She sent me pics of the items... and I LOVED them.... so I ordered them for Ter.

Then on Saturday (4 days after I placed MY order) I get an IM from Ter saying, "JO! LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT!" and I follow the link she sent.... TO THE EXACT ITEMS I HAD SPECIALLY MADE AND ORDERED FOR HER!!!!!!

Now... what ARE the chances????

So, of course I panicked .... and sent Michele a message saying, "Mayday! Mayday! mayday!"

Then.... instead of waiting to see what ideas she had about the situation.... I IM'd Ter and told her she had to cancel her order. Of course she asked why.... and I hadn't planned THAT far ahead.... and couldn't come up with an excuse that sounded feasible..... so I told her what was up.

We had a good laugh! I sent Michele a message telling her not to fret cuz I had told Ter.

But SHE had come up with a GREAT excuse... and it would have worked too if I had just kept my pants on! LOL!!!

Oh well.... now the cat's out of the bag... and Michele is going to refund Ter's money... and as soon as I get my pkg, I'll send it on to Ter... and all will be right with the world! LOL... ok, well, in my little corner anyway.... for the time being.

*sigh* Seriously... what ARE the chances???


Ter said...

LOL, so frickin' funny.

I told Jo she should've told me that what she ordered broke just 3 days after she got it, then I would've canceled my order ASAP because No way am I buying any shoddy items! LOL!

In fact as soon as she said "CANCEL YOUR ORDER!" the first thought that came to my mind is that she didn't like her products after all! I was like "oh Sh*t!" (Blake can't read that word, can he? LOL)

But yup, I know now and I love it!!! Thanks for thinking of me Jo!!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Jo, I'm back here in your blog. I was not able to do another handmade card. My husband and I had been sick. :(

Jo said...

Hey Grace.... no worries... you can do another whenever...., we won't kick you out for missing a week... LOL :)