Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good question

This quote was in a daily inbox thing that I get in email. I thought it was a good question:

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
--Robert H. Schuller

If I knew that I would not fail I would like to open my own early childhood education center. I would run Pre-school through 2nd grade.

What about you? Even you lurky loos :) Leave your answer in my comments :)


Tonia said...

I'd have a hard time choosing between publishing a novel and doing stand up. I would LOVE to do either, but neither is ever likely to happen. I rarely finish things, so the novel's out, and I'm only funny at weird times and never on command.

Shelley said...

Well, if I couldn't continue to teach, and one never knows, I would love to open a combo bakery/crafty type store. I might even like to dabble in decorating, on a small scale, with a partner.

Jo said...

I won't put the name here.. but Shell and I have a name for our crafty/ decorating biz :) Initials are CS. hee hee!!!!

Ter said...

What Great Thing Would You Attempt If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

have a baby.