Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The joys of anesthesia!

Tammy had to have a procedure done yesterday morning that required her to be put under anesthesia, so she asked if I would drive her to the hospital and then stay with her at her house until her son got home from school. Tam's husband runs his own business so taking time off means losing money for him.

I went Sunday afternoon and spent the night, then we were off to the hospital on Monday. She got all checked in and taken back for the procedure. A couple of hours later the nurse came to get me and said that Tammy had done really well, but wasn't waking up so she thought maybe I'd be able to wake her up a little quicker.

I sat in the chair next to Tammy's bed and she looked at me and said, "How long have you been here?" I said, "Not long". Tammy, "Oh. What time is it?" Me, "About 11:05."

A few minutes later:

T: Oh, how long have you been here?

M: not long

T: what time is it?

M: 11:10


T: Hey, have you been here long?

M: nope

T: Oh, what time is it?

M: 11:15

And again.....

T: Oh, you're here... have you been here long?

M: no

T: Good, what time is it?

M: 11:20

I told the nurse I only came so I could laugh at her. The nurse cracked up!

Tammy still had the little metal thingies where they hook up the monitors stuck to her chest. She kept looking down her top and talking about her third nipple and asking the nurse how much she thought people would pay to see her third nipple!

Man! I LOVE people who are hopped up on knock out drugs!

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