Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playing catch up

Ok y'all... I am sorry... I've not only gotten behind on making my cards... but I just realized I've gotten behind on giving the prompts too! Goodness me!!

Shelley and I sat down and figured out prompts for the rest of the year :) So I really don't have an excuse for not putting them here... except that I've been really busy with my class, presenting at a conference, and visiting with Shelley :)

So... here are the last few weeks that I think I've missed.... forgive me if I repeat but I figure better to repeat than omit :)

WEEK 11 -- bears (Sun 3/14)

WEEK 12 -- stars (Sun 3/21)

WEEK 13 -- Easter (Sun 3/28)

I will be posting Shelley's cards in the next post :) I'll post mine when I have them completed :)

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