Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Shack

What an amazing book! I just finished it tonight...and am ready to read it again! I actually DID go back and re-read one of the chapters as soon as I had finished the book.

William P. Young is the author, and after reading the book I am amazed at his insight. You can see info about the book here. Mr. Young asks that if we enjoy the book we don't "give it away" to others... but simply tell them they need to read it.

You need to read this book.

If you are strong in your faith, or weak in your faith, or confused in your faith... this book is for you.

I will say that there is a part in the book (the part I re-read immediately) that made me think of my friend Shelley. In this part of the book (I feel confident that I can share this without ruining the book) 2 of the characters are talking about relationships and one of them states that relationships aren't about expectations that you put on each other, but rather they are about living in the other person and them living in you.

That is the relationship that Shelley and I have. We live in each other. We virtually become one person when we are together... sometimes even when we are not together. We understand one another completely. We love one another unconditionally. I am so blessed to have such a friend.

My friend, Tammy, and I have this relationship as well. And as a matter of fact, when Tammy, Shelley and I get together there is more life than one can even purpose to handle. We LIVE when we are together. Stress and pain and sadness are brought to the surface, dealt with and then thrown out the window to make way for life. There is no doubt that we live in each other. And it is wonderful. And fulfilling. And amazing. There just aren't words to describe it really. If you've ever been pregnant you'll understand a little better... because when you are pregnant and you feel that unconditional love for that baby...and that love is so huge that you just can't describe it..... THAT'S the relationship that we have. That's the relationship I am just now realizing as I write this that I want with my husband. And with God.

Read the book. Then we can talk :)


Ter said...

I have heard mixed reviews about this book. Some people love it. Others do not care for it. It's on my list of books to read. I'm curious to know what my opinion of the book will be.

Tonia said...

I have friends who really want me to read the book and friends who tell me not to. It's in my bag. We'll see. I already know a lot about the book- the main plot and the device the author uses; I've heard it used in a sermon. We'll see.