Sunday, April 5, 2009


Since I was away for the weekend and didn't get doilies until I was away I don't have my card finished for this week. Feel free to still post a link to YOUR card here... or email me your card so I can post it here :)

Next week's prompt is CANDY. Have fun with it!!!!

I will also be posting pics of our weekend as soon as I get the energy to get the camera and put the memory card in the computer. We are WHIPPED!

Our weekend started with us waking up at 5:30 am Fri night to the dog barking hysterically. I told Mike someone was in the house. He said she was just barking at someone outside.

We got up at about 9:15 Fri morning to find a drunk college kid sleeping on our sofa! He claimed someone had let him in... but unless it was one of the critters that's total bunk! We called the cops on his ass (after Mike scared the poo out of him by screaming at him and the kid said, "Dude, why are you screaming at me?" UH HELLO???!!!)

So... after talking w/ the police and sending the kid off with them we were able to finish up our last minute packing and get on the road. We actually got off just a few minutes past our planned time so not so bad.

We had a blast at Avalanche Bay. Blake especially liked the indoor/ outdoor pool (pics later).

When we got home we found a lamppost in our yard smashed and air had been let out of Mike's tire :( The bad news is the tire is filled with nitrogen so we can't add air to it w/ our compressor... and it's too low to drive to the shop to get more nitrogen added so not sure what we're going to do about that. *sigh*

Ok... off to veg and get some din din.


Paula said...

I'm glad you had a great time at Avalanche Bay! But that really stinks about the vandalism. Do you think it was buddies of the drunk guy getting revenge? Did you report it to the cops?

Ter said...

what? you heard someone in your house and you didn't send mike to investigate?? wow, lucky he was just a kid sleeping it off and not someone there to hurt you, blake or your pets! jeez! do NOT go back to sleep next time your dogs bark like that first thing in the morning, that's what they're there for!

and now that I've lectured you, I'm glad everything is ok. ;)

I started the card challenge again on my blog. I would have had a better link to it this morning but the internet was down ALL FRICKIN' DAY! AAAHHHH!!!

Jo said...

Yes we did report it to the cops. We thought it might be the kid seeking revenge... but the cops went and talked to him and he couldn't even remember where our house was and was very remorseful about being in our house when he shouldn't have been. So it wasn't him.

Ter... I DID send Mike down but he didn't go down... he just assured me that it was someone outside. I believed him (guess that was my mistake!) Normally I send him down and he goes and looks and it's nothing (that happens more than I care to admit! LOL!!).

He feels AWFUL that he didn't go investigate... he was crying Friday morning because it could have been someone there to hurt us.