Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lizards and snakes alive! (VERY photo heavy)

We took Blake to see an exhibit at the Midland Center for the Arts today. It was really neat! Here are some pics from the day :)

Blake kissing an anaconda :)

Fending off the anaconda.

Being eaten by the anaconda!

Rhinoceros Lizard. He watched Blake constantly. We figure he was hungry and B looked like a tasty lunch :)

Some kind of iguana.

Same guy with his neck flared out.

Don't know these either.

Again.. not sure of the name. Blake was cruising through here looking at one thing and another so I didn't have time to read all the info about each critter.

When Mike walked over to this exhibit, this guy was on a branch and he jumped over to the ledge by the window as if to say, "Take a picture of me!"

Say cheese!

Veiled chameleon. Their eyes move independently of each other and they have 2 toes on each foot that they grip with.

When Mike and I were first married, we almost bought one of these (the veiled chameleon).

Some kind of gecko. I swore the one on the right was dead hanging over that branch. But you could see him breathing.. he was just sleeping!!

I think this was a type of skink.

Isn't the coloring and pattern on this guy cool??

This was cool! There were cameras mounted on the glass of this exhibit and you could zoom in on the geckos. One of them was on the glass right in front of the camera so you could see his scales on the screen! Mike took this pic of the screen where you viewed the image from the camera. Look at those toes! And belly scales! How cool is that???

This is the type of gecko that was on the glass by the camera :)

A close up of his cute little face :)

Leaf tailed gecko.

Leaf tailed gecko's head.

The belly side of a leaf tailed gecko.

Blue tongue skink. Mike tried in vain to get a pic of his tongue. He was flicking it when we first walked up... but then refused to show it for the camera :)

Water Monitor.

Burmese Python. Beautiful snake!

Nameless... LOL!

Gabon Viper. Sorry... I forgot to rotate the pic. That's his head in the upper left corner!

Pretty green snake. I am just amazed at the color!

Red Spitting Cobra. I'm not sure if his venom is red... or if he got his name cuz he has a reddish sheen and you can kind of see how his underside is red.

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Ter said...

I'm not too sure I liked the snakes but the geckos were kinda cute. Glad you had fun. :)