Saturday, May 16, 2009

What I did today....

First of all we had an American Red Bud tree in our yard. I have said for 2 years that it had something wrong with it. We had a tree guy come and take a look... and he said it was quite diseased and should be cut down. So, our friend Aaron came today weiling his chainsaw and away she went. Here are before and after shots.

Here's Dolly giving new meaning to the term "bay windows". She sits there and yaps like she's being torn limb for limb (because I am outside and she is not... yeah, she's a spoiled baby).

This is a garden art thing that Shelley gave me for Christmas :) It's called "Children on Parade". Isn't it CA-YOOT??!!

A close up of Children on Parade.

These are some birdhouse stakes that Tammy made for me, a garden stone I got a few years ago, and a butterfly spinner that Shelley gave me :)

Some flagstones (??) that I found in my yard and decided to use as stepping stones to the gazebo!

Michael put up this post to hang the hose thingy (yeah, that's the technical term) on. I had him add a few hooks and then I hung my goodies :) On top is a birdhouse that Blake painted for me. The hanging feeder Tammy made for me and the bottle chimes are from Shelley.

A view of the front of our house ... another before and after. That little tree in the middle of the garden was also having issues so it's now gone. The folks who planted it (MANY years ago) called it their anniversary tree and would walk past the house and make comments about the tree. I'm sure they will pass out next time they walk by and it's gone. Sorry. It was half dead. Really. The big pine to the left of the house in the after pic... will be gone soon too! Along with 2 other HUGE pines that are wrecking our soil and hogging all the sunlight!

Pardon the need-to-be-replaced steps. Here are some flowers I planted today. Blake and I picked them out yesterday and I was going to let HIM plant them.. but he was invited to a friend's house so I was left to plant on my own.

More flowers :) I got these planter boxes for 25 cents each at a garage sale. There were only 3... I wish there had been more :)

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