Monday, September 28, 2009


I have almost always been irritated by waiting. Long lines at the grocery store get me grumbling like an old bear. Lines at traffic lights, that don't start moving when the light turns green make my blood boil (however, I am NOT the person who honks the second the light turns). When I was pregnant for Blake I couldn't WAIT for him to be born. If I order something online or through the mail it KILLS me to wait for it to be delivered.

I think you get the picture. I'm no good at waiting.

But now my life has taken this new turn. I have been thrust into a life of waiting. EVERY day is waiting. And this time... I have NO CLUE when the answer is going to arrive. It's not like the line at the grocery store where I can see the people in front of me and I can pretty much estimate how long I'll be there. Or the traffic light, which even though it seems like it takes FOREVER for it to change, is really just a couple of minutes.

No. This time I am waiting for God to reveal His plan to me. I know He has one. He can't possibly be planning on me being unemployed for the rest of my life. (Although, I must say if His plan is for me to win the lottery that would be just fine with me...LOL!)

And this.... this waiting for God.... this is the most difficult waiting I have EVER done.

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