Monday, September 24, 2007

In the interest of blogging....

I really don't have any earth shattering news today. Still sick. Left work early. Still hate my job. Talked with MIL about what it takes to start an early childhood education center. She said I have the qualifications. Recommended I talk to my church because they have the facilities already there. Thinking how I'd like to approach that subject... and WHEN? Most likely needs to be on a weekday during "normal working hours" which includes hours that I work. I think I feel a vacation day coming up.

Blake is being a brat lately. Told his dad tonight that he is "sick of following the same old routine every night." *sigh* Lost his bike for a week. Almost lost TV for the weekend (he's not allowed to watch during the week so weekends are his only TV time). Lost half of his dinner because I told him if he got up from the table one more time he was done. He got up. I took his plate away. Lost his story for the night.... All this because he was told to take his bath.


I have to take all my students bowling on Wed. It is our annual fundraiser... we are REQURED to do it. Yeah. It's almost as much fun as it sounds... 19 wild 3 and 4 year olds in a bowling alley. Plus... we USED to do it in Feb when the kids had been in school for a long time and could actually FOLLOW the rules. Now this is the 3rd week of school. Are they nuts?

They don't care. That's the bottom line.

Well... time for ice cream ... Ben and Jerry's strawberry cheesecake is the BOMB! (among other flavors!)


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Ter said...

hmm cheesecake...

(now I've forgotten what the rest of your blog was about... lol)